A Home for Grace


We are thrilled to announce that we have reached our $10,000 fundraising goal for ‘A Home for Grace!’ Plans are underway to start construction soon. We couldn’t have done this without the help of our supporters.

New here? This is Grace’s Story.



36 year old Grace Atieno lives in Nyanza Province in Western Kenya. Her home sits next to a large sugar cane field owned by a Kenyan corporation. You could say that Grace and her family face a grim future. To say that, might be understating things.

AIDS widow Grace Atieno with her two youngest children, Joy and Jack.
Grace is a single mother to seven children and has also taken in two orphaned children as her own. She was left widowed in 2007, another of the many women of Nyanza victimized by the AIDS virus. Grace too is HIV positive.

When she’s left weak by the opportunistic diseases that attack her body’s immune system, she has to stay home and is unable to make the small wages she sometimes receives. Her children are left hungry. Grace’s eldest daughter is 14 and attends school when she can. Because of her mother’s circumstances, she is often sent home from school because she can’t pay her school fees.

Living a life of worry

Grace’s biggest concern is the state of the house that she and her children are forced to live in. The home is literally crumbling around them.
“This house is cold and wet. It’s almost like being outside. My children suffer from malaria often.”
AIDS widow Grace Atieno's home in Nyanza province, Kenya.A look inside AIDS widow Grace Atieno's home in Nyanza province, Kenya.
Grace fears the house will collapse, and she and her family will be left homeless. Portions of the thatched roof have caved in and the mud walls are deteriorating and the rains that fell in April impacted the structural integrity of her home.
Grace rarely receives a decent night’s sleep. Worrying that her home will collapse is bad enough, but her fears over her children’s safety make it impossible. You see, sugar cane fields are home to big snakes who often come out at night and slither into the house. Grace has awakened many times to find one of them close to her children.

Hope for AIDS widows like Grace

You can help turn around Grace’s future and help give she and her children a secure structure to live in.
For just $10,000.00, Christian Mission Aid can construct a home, called a “Unit of Hope” that Grace and her children can build a better future in.
These two room homes are secure, safe and comfortable for the AIDS widows who receive them. They have a concrete floor and walls built from specialized mud. The roof is made from corrugated metal and has a rain catchment gutter system, along with a water tank to collect the heavy Kenyan rains. A pit latrine provides hygiene and sanitation for the home. Widows are also given a bed and bedding along with garden tools and seeds to help the widows with nutrition and give them a way to help support their family.
A neighbor child holds AIDS widow Grace Atieno's youngest.One of AIDS widow Grace Atieno's daughtersOne of AIDS widow Grace Atieno's sonsAIDS widow Grace Atieno holds one of her youngest children, just 3 months old.
A committee of community leaders has identified Grace as the next recipient of a Unit of Hope because of her desperate circumstances. There are hundreds more like her that need our support.
AIDS widow Grace Atieno stands with five of her nine children.

While our goal for Grace’s home has been met, we want to help many more families like Grace’s. Any donations we receive will be contributed to the next widow on our waiting list.