Honor your loved ones by giving a gift that will change lives.
Your donation to Christian Mission Aid will meet real needs of those living in East Africa.




This Christmas, please consider giving ‘Where Most Needed’ so Christian Mission Aid can use your donation to provide the right resources at exactly the right time.
Thank you for your continued generosity!


Examples of the impact your gift can make:


Audio Bibles


A donation of $75 can speak words of everlasting life.


Many people in rural Africa are illiterate and rely on other people to read God’s word for them. Christian Mission Aid can use your donation to purchase audio bibles, solar-powered devices with vernacular recordings of the New Testament scriptures. Your generosity works miracles, making it possible for illiterate people to directly hear the life-changing Word of God in their own languages.




Bicycles for Pastors


A donation of $200 can help an African Pastor reach more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ!


Pastors in rural areas of East Africa travel long distances on foot over dangerous terrain to tell others about Jesus, visit those who are suffering, and plant churches. These pastors have an intense passion to reach the lost, but are limited by exhausting travel and a lack of resources. Receiving the gift of a bicycle enables a pastor to reach out further into his community and helps his ministry to grow.




Blankets for Children


A donation of $15 can keep a child warm at night.


Imagine what a child goes through on cold nights without a warm blanket to cover herself. This is what many children in Nairobi slums experience every night. Christian Mission Aid can use your gift to purchase much-needed blankets for children in distress. A child who is cozy and warm at night gets more rest, stays healthier, and does better in school.




Food Buckets for Families


A donation of $35 can provide hope to a struggling family.


During the holidays and during emergencies such as conflict and drought, Christian Mission Aid provides relief to families in poor, rural areas and slums through the distribution of food buckets. These buckets are packed with life-saving food, seeds, toiletry items, and more.




Leadership Training Seminars


A donation of $5800 can empower African pastors and leaders to serve their communities.


Many pastors in rural Africa lack basic theological training because they cannot afford to further their education. Since 1993, Christian Mission Aid has conducted intensive Leadership Training courses to equip pastors and church leaders. Your gift sponsors a four-year program covering topics such as Bible study, hermeneutics, community development, and evangelism skills. Graduates leave with a renewed passion for the Word of God, and many become leaders and pastors of their churches. Some have even gone on to Bible colleges to further their training!




Mosquito Nets to Fight Malaria


A donation of $12 can help a child live a full, healthy life.


Arica’s most killer disease among children is malaria, transmitted by mosquitoes. A family’s best defense is through the use of an insecticide-treated mosquito net in their home, but many families cannot afford them. Through your gift, Christian Mission Aid will be able to give treated nets to needy families to help protect them from disease.




Motorbikes for Pastors


A donation of $1800 helps the Gospel travel further.


In East Africa, the journey to spread the Gospel can be a grueling and treacherous one. Pastors often have no choice but to be away from their wives and children for days at a time, spending limited resources on transportation or traversing expansive rural areas on foot to care for their congregations and evangelize. Christian Mission Aid can use your donation to purchase much-needed motorbikes for pastors so they can reach more people with the hope of Jesus Christ.




Sanitary kits for adolescent girls


A donation of $100 can help a girl complete her education.


Many Kenyan school girls cannot afford sanitary wear, and as a result, miss months of class each year due to their menstrual cycles. School absence lowers girls’ academic performance and self-esteem and widens gender disparities. Also, many girls who cannot afford sanitary napkins endanger their health by using unhygienic solutions such as leaves, old cloth, sponges, soil, or feathers. Christian Mission Aid provides sanitary kits with life-changing feminine supplies and empowers adolescent girls to be confident and stay in school.




Training for one pastor


A donation of $125 can equip a pastor to share the message of salvation.


Church leadership positions in Africa are usually unpaid positions. Many men and women who hear God’s calling have little formal education and lack the resources they need to pay for theological training. Christian Mission Aid can use your gift to send a pastor or church leader to life-changing training seminars. Your gift enables these men and women to grow in their faith, to lead effectively, and to stand strong against false doctrines.




Tribal Bibles


A donation of $15 can put the Word of God in the hands of an African Pastor.


Most African churches suffer from a severe shortage of Bibles, especially in their own languages. Christian Mission Aid needs your help to put vernacular (tribal language) Bibles in the hands of East African pastors. Believers have a hard time studying the Word when the only Bible they have access to is miles away. Without direction from the powerful Word of God, these Christians are at a grave spiritual disadvantage. Many churches have fallen into the trap of false teaching and doctrines. Your gift will enable many people to hear the gospel and grow spiritually.




Youth camps


A donation of $2500 can reach hundreds of children and youth with the love of Jesus Christ.


Each year Christian Mission Aid reaches out to disadvantaged children and youth in remote rural areas and the slums of Nairobi. We use your donations to share the love of Christ through youth camps, sports outreaches and Vacation Bible Schools. We believe by reaching these children and youth with the Gospel message, we can raise them up to become leaders, world changers and history makers.