Our Work

Our vision: Communities freed from poverty, filled with hope, transformed by Jesus Christ.

Christian Mission Aid (CMA) started over 25 years ago when two people, Larry & Debbie Kitchel, saw the great need for hope and change in East Africa. Compelled to create lasting change, they developed a strategy of training local pastors and leaders to be change-makers in their communities, while on a mission to make Jesus Christ’s love known to all. Today, CMA is comprised of over 200 staff in Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan, and we press on to carry forward the vision in which we are called.

Our mission is to empower East Africans to transform their communities.

• We train and equip pastors and church leaders so they can be effective in making disciples and leading their people.
• We mentor and educate children and youth, because they are the future leaders in our families and our world.
• We invest in community-led development programs to bring long-lasting restoration without causing dependency.
• We assist the starving, thirsty, sick, and struggling because we share Christ’s compassion for the needy and want every person to reach their God-given potential.
Working for the glory of God and for the sake of mankind, we define our work in four main programs:

christian outreach
community development


children and youth ministry
aid and relief