God’s Word, Every Child.

Working in many areas where Bible literacy is low, our desire is that every child would have access to God’s Word and receive a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have built relationships with hundreds of schools in Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan over the last 25 years, and reaching all these young hearts with the Gospel is a huge undertaking! In our God’s Word, Every Child program (GWEC), we have partnered with OneHope to distribute a powerful curriculum designed to reach school-age children and strengthen them in their Christian faith.




Powerful, engaging curriculum

Government schools in Kenya welcome Biblical training and Christian education through the nationally recognized CRE (Christian Religious Education) and PPI (Program for Pastoral Instruction) programs. In partnership with OneHope, CMA provides excellent Bible-based materials and curriculum to help the schools reach their students for Christ and lay a solid foundation for their Christian faith.
This year, our goal is to see a minimum of 20,000 children going through the “Stories of Hope” weekly curriculum in schools we partner with.

Training Teachers, Youth Leaders, and Ministers

In order to reach children and youth as effectively as possible, we enlist the help of dedicated teachers and church leaders, many of which have received limited training themselves. We offer them valuable training and techniques to become better educators and to understand their role in shaping young lives.
Teachers undergo two days of intensive training: one day of initial training, and one additional day of follow-up training to monitor the progress of the program. Many teachers we’ve trained have voiced both surprise and gratitude – teachers with more than 20 years of teaching experience were refreshed with interactive demonstrations and discussions on topics such as “Teaching through Storytelling” and “The Seven Learning Styles”. Teachers leave empowered to reach children’s hearts, and many have hosted VBS programs and Bible clubs in their communities.


The GodMan Film Outreach

The GodMan film is a powerful live-action, animated re-telling of the story of Christ’s life, innovatively sharing God’s Word with children who can’t read and presenting the gospel through a storyline and soundtrack that young people can easily identify with.


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