Smart Girl Initiative

It is estimated that economically disadvantaged girls in the slums and rural areas of Kenya are absent for about 39 days of the school year due to their menstrual cycle.

We dream of seeing young women empowered to get their education and become active contributing members of their communities. Yet, lack of sanitary towels for girls that cannot afford them causes many young girls to stay home from school rather than facing a potentially embarrassing situation. Failing to address the issues of pubescent development, health, and hygiene has had a negative effect on the development of their self-esteem and quality of their education, leaving these vulnerable girls at a great social disadvantage in comparison to their male counterparts.



Through the Smart Girl Initiative we aim to:


1. Provide educational support in regards to personal health, hygiene, and sanitation.
2. Facilitate discussion forums to build the confidence and self-esteem of vulnerable girls.
3. Supply sanitary towels and underwear for vulnerable girls in the program in order to reduce school absenteeism and improve academic results.



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