Youth Camps and VBS Programs

Imagine: From the moment you get out of your bed (a heap of rugs on the cold dirt floor), the heavy stench of urine welcomes you – this is because of the broken sewer running outside your 6×6 square foot home constructed of cardboard and tin. Your stomach growls for some food, since dinner was not available last night.

Childhood should be a time of excitement and wonder… of learning, growing, exploring, and joy. Yet for children living in poverty in East Africa, life can be unimaginably difficult. Families struggle to afford housing and food, and children may go several days without a substantial meal. Many youth leave school to work or to beg for money to make ends meet.

All these children know is hardship… but you can change that!

These youth need to know that there is hope for their future, that there is a God that loves them dearly, and that He has given them gifts and abilities to contribute to society. Yet how can these children see this hope when they carry such heavy burdens of poverty?
CMA has designed a week-long Youth Camp program where these children can experience the joy and excitement of life without the burdens they face at home. Hundreds of youth gather from rural and impoverished areas, from many different tribes, to learn, to be empowered, and to build their relationships with Christ!
They enjoy sports activities in clean fields, make new friends and eat three nutritious meals a day. CMA’s loving counselors are there and ready to listen to them when they need emotional and spiritual guidance.

Act now: All it takes is a donation of $35 ($45 Canadian) to send a child to Youth Camp or VBS.



Our Youth Camps and VBS programs provide:


1. Opportunities for orphans and children living in the slums to participate in a camp, VBS, or sports activities.
2. Training for camp counselors and VBS teachers.
3. Sports clinics, sports tournaments, and other recreational activities which engage children and youth.
4. Safe environments where children and young people can enjoy their school holidays, while being exposed to the love of God and the truth of His word.



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