Bibles and Bikes

Picture this: a Bible study group of 25 huddling around three beat-up Bibles. A weary pastor walking on foot for a full day to reach out to widows in his community. A tribe that doesn’t speak English with no access to God’s word in their own language. How can we make a difference?


Bible Distribution

The Bible is the most important book ever written. Within its pages lie the sweet, life-changing words of the gospel that have the power to transform hearts and minds!
Most African churches suffer from a severe shortage of Bibles, especially in their own languages. Pastors who are fortunate enough to have a Bible of their own eagerly share their copy with their congregations and with those they meet as they are out evangelizing. As a result, these Bibles get worn out quickly, and sometimes a pastor’s Bible will be torn or missing large sections of scripture!
Almost every person in Africa speaks more than one language – a common language, like English or a national dialect, and then their tribal language, known as their vernacular tongue. Since English is only taught in learning institutions, those who never had a chance at formal education often can’t speak, read or write it and therefore cannot read English Bibles. We distribute vernacular Bibles in tribal languages to spread the Word of God to remote communities.
Christian Mission Aid needs your help to put vernacular (tribal language) Bibles in the hands of East African pastors. Your gift will enable many people to hear the gospel and grow spiritually. Believers have a hard time studying the Word when the only Bible they have access to is miles away. Without direction from the powerful Word of God, these Christians are at a grave spiritual disadvantage. Many churches have fallen into the trap of false teaching and doctrines.
A vernacular Bible is only $15 USD ($20 Canadian) – by giving today, you can put a Bible in the hands of an East African Pastor!
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Providing Bikes


Pastor Antony Kariuki is ready on his new bicycle to take Bibles to his people. He knows the word of God should not sit on the shelf!naibeiIn East Africa, the journey to spread the Gospel can be a grueling and treacherous one.

Pastors in rural areas know this all too well; these dedicated servants travel long distances on foot over dangerous terrain to tell others about Jesus, visit those who are suffering, and plant churches. Some travel as far as 50 miles, forced to stay one or more nights away from their families!

These pastors have an intense passion to reach the lost, but are limited by exhausting travel and a lack of resources. Christian Mission Aid needs your help to equip East African pastors with bikes. Receiving the gift of a bicycle or motorbike enables a pastor to reach out further into his community and helps his ministry to grow.

Give a bicycle for just $200 USD ($250 Canadian) or a motorbike for $1800 ($2402 Canadian) today to empower an African pastor – help him reach more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ!


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