Girls’ Rescue Center

Forced early marriage. Female genital mutilation. Sexual abuse. Neglect. Being sold off. Denied an education.
We must intervene.

Built in 2008 in partnership with Network Beyond, CMA’s Olooloitikoshi Girls’ Rescue Center (GRC) serves as a safe-haven for nearly 40 young girls who have faced unthinkable abuse and neglect. Having narrowly escaped horrendous practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM) ceremonies, being promised as a pre-teen to a 60-year-old man in marriage, and sexual advances by family members, these girls are now part of an uplifting and supportive community where they are safe.


At the center, they are fed nutritious food, clothed well, and have a new home with a community of support.The girls are shown the love of Christ and are given the attention that they could not get at home. They all work together to grow food and raise livestock for their meals, and they receive an education that would otherwise have been denied to them in their culture. To these girls, the rescue center is much more than just ‘home’ – it is a fresh start, and hope for a better future.





Though practices like FGM and forced early marriage are illegal in most countries, many remote people-groups still practice them. It is our hope that through the Girls’ Rescue Center and our other efforts in these areas, we can influence these communities to discard these damaging traditions.




To learn more about the Girls’ Rescue Center, please visit the center’s website.



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