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  • South Sudan needs your urgent prayer!

  • Kassidy Marchuk of Alberta, Canada shares her experience as an intern for Christian Mission Aid in Nairobi, Kenya

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A Home for Grace
June 11th, 2014 Posted by: Hannah
Unity Self Help group in Kuwinda Slum
June 11th, 2014 Posted by: Hannah
Daniel’s Story
April 18th, 2013 Posted by: Hannah
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June 11th, 2014 Posted by: Keith Posted in: Community Development


There are people you meet in life that you’ll never forget.

‘Slaying Giants’ in Kiambu: God’s Hope Overcomes Physical Barriers at Deaf VBS
May 27th, 2014 Posted by: Hannah Posted in: Children & Youth, Christian Outreach


If only you could have seen the look in little Leila Abdi’s eyes as she learned about Christ for the first time.

Rescued by God’s Hand: James Koang’s Escape from South Sudan
May 27th, 2014 Posted by: Hannah Posted in: Aid & Relief, Christian Outreach, CMA Team, Community Development

James Koang Bel of South Sudan narrowly escaped death when the fighting broke out in Juba in December.

“I am a living testimony,” shares James Koang of South Sudan.

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